What’s needed for a perfect rug and carpet cleaning

House Cleaning Denver: Tips and Tricks

Perfect house cleaningAt the end of the tenancy, it may be a time for a little bit of end of tenancy cleaning. The tenants should keep everything clean, but often that’s a mirage. The flawless services of a cleaning company are therefore all that you’re looking for, because they have all the professional equipment and outfit to make your rugs like new. On the other hand, if you have your own lovely hand-made rugs and carpets in your house – you should take good care of them on a monthly basis or so. It’s not enough only to clean everything at the end of the season, but it’s not recommended to treat the carpets and the rugs quite frequently, especially the hand-made ones. Their colors and freshness requires special attention, while the big carpet that covers the entire floor of the room definitely requires more time to enhance it into the picture perfect carpet. In all cases – next are few ideas and items that one may need for the perfect cleaning of the coziest thing for the wintertime.

  1. A vacuum cleaning system is as important as the carpet itself. Whether it comes to big carpets for the winter or rugs with complex irregular shapes – vacuuming is the first most important thing to do for removal of dirt, sand, grit or other greater particles. Vacuuming is the most common method for domestic cleaning and the easiest one too. It would be better if you can move or rotate the carpet so it becomes evenly exposed and all the corners are easy accessible. Find out the most unpleasing spots visually. They are usually the spots around the legs of big furniture objects like the kitchen table, the sofa, the wardrobes, as well as the spots with the heaviest foot traffic. If needed – make sure to repeat the vacuuming process or shake the small rugs through the balcony if possible.
  1. House cleaning tips for DenverBegin with a deep cleaning method. There is a myriad of opts to deep clean your rugs and carpets, and the services of the professional cleaners can help you with this yet overwhelming task. A rental wet-cleaning system is a typical choice to begin with, but first make sure to know the exact condition of your carpets and rugs. There are colors, materials and mostly Oriental rugs, which are not recommended for cleaning with detergents and solutions. Other carpets and colors can be deep cleaned only with a special detergent, while steam-cleaning machines are definitely not recommended for long fibrous carpets.


  1. For small rugs – a machine or a hand wash is the perfect choice. Just read the label of the carpet to make sure that it’s suitable for washing. This can take place outdoors in the summertime or in a hot spring day, when the direct sunlight, the hot air and the big open space facilitate the natural evaporation of the water. For this, you may need a tub according to the size of the rugs, a drying rack or so, shampoo or your favorite cleaning detergents.
  1. How to  get stains our of a rugFor carpets with stains and dirt at only a few small spots – a stiff brush will do the perfect job. Treat the spot with a dis-solvent solution, then – leave a few minutes according the manual to dissolve completely the stains and the dirt, and rub in circles until it becomes a real mess. There is no need to struggle – wipe it off with a cloth or spatula, then treat again with a dry compound or directly vacuum the humid spot until it becomes even brighter than the rest of the carpet.

Article by Ella Andrews on behalf of this website