Tools and tricks for hard floor cleaning

Tools and tricks for hard floor cleaning – tiles and laminate floors

Tools and tricks for hard floor cleaning - tiles and laminate floorings

The tiles and the laminate floors are usually the easiest places to clean and they get dirt not that easier, than the carpets for example. However, they should be frequently cleaned and sanitized as the best prevention from further staining. The tiles in the bathroom or in the kitchen floors make an exception, because they see daily foot traffic and they usually stain with dirt from food, crumbs and other blemishes. Mopping or wiping off dust then becomes not enough to restore shine and cleanliness of the tiles and laminate flooring, and you need to apply some tricks for hard cleaning. Take a look at the following ones:

  • Call a professional cleaning company and first stroll through the sites of the companies in your region and find if they have tile cleaning services. Some cleaning agencies are also specialized only in cleaning tiled floors, including stone floors, laminate floors and floors with other hard coverings. Their professional crews are well experienced and they can choose the right methods for cleaning, saving you time and money for buying numerous detergents from the market. The professional cleaners also have the needed tools and items for deep cleaning tiles like a scrubber machine. It is the most effective tool for cleaning the grout lines in the meantime too. Moreover, if you want to deodorize and sanitize the tiles – the crew can add a small amount of sanitizing or deodorizing agent in the detergent for the scrubber machine. This is very important if you have pets like dogs and cats due to animal odor from food, hair, etc.
  • Deep clean tiles and grouts at home via simple homemade detergent solution. You can take full advantage of some cleaning detergents that you already have in your home like soap and shampoo. They can act as the perfect de-greaser, while spreading fresh and pleasant aroma in the meantime. For truly heavily stained areas and grouts – apply some spot cleaning tricks like scrubbing the spot via stiff brush and a paste of baking soda, hot water and dish-washing detergent. Wipe off the dirty excess via cloth and repeat the procedure with a new detergent application to remove the deepest stains and most soiled spots. A great idea is to let the detergent to soak up and dissolve the stain for a dozen minutes or so, and then to wipe it off via another clean towel.
  • Don’t let your laminate floors and tiles to get dirty very often. Just an impromptu daily mopping is the perfect solution to wipe off dust, sand, grit, stains, hair, pollen… Especially the areas that see the heaviest foot traffic should be mopped quite regularly to prevent the thriving bacteria, pollen and allergens, which on the other hand, appear on wet areas with remnants of food crumbs, for example. Add a few drops of a sanitizing agent every few times when changing the water for the mop.
  • After finishing the hard floor cleaning of tiles and laminate, it’s recommended to polish the floors or to treat them with a protective spray. It reduces the chance for further staining or at least it makes the floors more resistant to dirt spots and stains. In addition, the polishing wax adds a tiny little film or layer of protection, which also ensures the finest glossy look of the tiles like they’re new.

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