Quick tenancy cleaning for students and roommates

Quick tenancy cleaning for students and roommates2Spread out tasks to your friends and roommates for a quicker and easier end of tenancy cleaning, which usually can last only a couple of hours if you select the tasks justly. For example, pre-vacuuming is the first quick highlight in this guide that will prepare the flooring for deep cleaning.

– Pre-vacuuming is the most effective and quickest opt to get rid of the bigger sand particles, crumbs, hair and other blemishes that are stuck onto the floor coverings. Whether it comes to only a couple of small carpets, one big rug, hardwood or tiled floorings – pre-vacuuming will help you to see the locations of the most soiled spots and so to take a the right pick of a further treatment. Moreover, a regular vacuuming is the best way to keep the clean outlook of the floorings for a longer time, so it should be one of the most important highlight in your student`s maintenance schedule.

– Treat the heavy stains onto carpets, rugs and other fabric floor coverings. In some cases, this is more than enough to achieve a quite better look of the floorings, while in the meantime saving time and efforts for hiring a professional cleaning company or using a big rental carpet cleaning machine. Spot clean via stiff brush and a homemade detergent of hot water, dishwashing detergent and shampoo, mixed in a medium sized bowl. This application is truly useful for synthetic carpets or carpets with short fibers, where the brush can easily get to the base of the fiber and therefore to wipe off the dissolved dirt.

– Furniture with leather upholsteries are another difficult part that is worth the efforts. The leathery surfaces require a little bit of a special treatment so you may want to call the professional cleaners. They use special pigmented detergents and solutions that can truly restore shine and texture of the leather surfaces, and thus making them to look like new. Such a pigmented detergent also protects the cleaned spot from future staining like coffee spills or cracks.

– Dealing with stains onto glass objects is another great highlight in the schedule. They may include windows and mirrors, as well as cups, paintings, different glass surfaces in the bathroom, etc. Just make sure to use non-abrasive applicators like a homemade detergent of just white vinegar and water. Use only soft clean cotton cloths and a squeegee, and don`t forget to clean the windows frames too.

– Dusting is one of the final steps of every tenancy schedule for cleaning. It should take place at least once a week. Organize your roommates to help with the wiping off dust via several clean towels and paper towels, as well as deodorizing spray that can enhance the atmosphere. A regular duster can do the perfect job, but a duster with a flexible electrostatic charged head is a great too that help you to get to some truly difficult to reach and hidden places, where usually the dust accumulates.

– A final polishing of metal and wooden surfaces will ensure that little final touch, which will be appreciated from your roommates and guests. Polishing and waxing wooden floors alters the true texture of the surface, as well as colors and reflections. Waxing also adds an extra layer of protection, which seals the clean effect and makes it longer lasting. The same applies to metal and tiled surfaces too, except that their shine and reflections makes them some of the most remarkable sights in the freshly cleaned room.

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