October Newsletter 2018

Firefighters & Puppies?

Yes, it’s a unique combination, but it definitely works! One of our Partners We Love, Misha Photography, donated their time to a very cool charity this summer. The photo below gives you a good look at this fun project, also known as the 2018 Fire Rescue Dogs Calendar.

This calendar project benefitted Lifeline Puppy Rescue, a no-kill organization established in 1993 that rescues puppies and each calendar sold gives one puppy a new home!!

We were able to come up with a few of these calendars and we are offering them to the first five people that email or call Angela to request one, free of charge.

Lastly, if you want to play with some of these puppies yourself and support a wonderful cause, Misha and Lifeline are hosting a “Puppies and Headshots” event on November 8thfrom 4-7PM at her studio in Broomfield.

For $150 you can contribute to this great cause, along with getting your very own 2018 calendar and fully edited business headshot for LinkedIn or any other use you might have in mind. We will also be there and hope you can join us!!!

For more information on this event, please see the details below, or you can learn more on Misha Photography’s Facebook page here.  To reserve your spot please contact Misha directly via her email here.

Your Clone

Have you ever seen your clone? The kids today call it “finding your doppelganger“, which means you encounter someone who looks just like you!

Well that’s impossible, you say?

It’s not. In fact, scientists have figured out that there are, on average, seven people who look just like you on the planet.

We ran across a fun article on Quora that got us interested in this topic, so down the rabbit hole we went.

The chances of you meeting your doppelganger are well….not very good, but not impossible.

If you are curious about the actual odds of finding your “semi-identical twin” or learning more about just who this might have happened to, we found a couple of articles that might interest you.

The folks at the BBC published this article last year, and the Daily Mail published this one, with some fun examples of people that have actually met their own!

Happy Birthday to Two Stars

We don’t like to toot our own horn very much, but we owe much of our success to the “people behind the scenes”. Since two of our best people celebrated birthdays in the past couple of weeks, we wanted to recognize them.

Maria Herrera, our General Manager, and her trusty assistant, Blanca Garcia both celebrated birthdays in late September and October.

These are the two people that make sure the ladies arrive at your home ready to go, on time, and efficient.

Both Maria and Blanca have been with us since back in the late 90’s and both started with the company cleaning houses.

Let’s just say they know what it takes to properly clean your home.

Please join us in wishing both of our superstars a happy birthday! Our company wouldn’t be the same without them.

Best Restaurant List 2017 

As our loyal readers know, we love to eat out in Denver and across the Front Range.

So, we get pretty excited when the annual list of our best restaurants is released by 5280 Magazine.

This year’s list is out and there are some new faces (and places) to go visit.

Old standbys like Frasca Food and Wine are there, and one of our favorites up north, Blackbelly Market in Boulder.

The complete list can be found here, and happy dining!!!

$200M Market Street Project

Larimer Square, Union Station and….Market Station?

On September 29, construction on the 370,000 square foot Market Station got underway (photo above).

Market Station will include 95,000 square feet of office space, 85,000 square feet of retail and around 225 apartments, including both luxury units and micro-apartments that are meant to provide a more affordable option.

Two levels of below-grade parking will be built for a total of 320 parking spaces that can be used by tenants, as well as the general public.

For the full story from the Denver Business Journal, click here.

More exciting stuff in our city!

Monthly Award Winners

Please allow me to introduce our September 2017 award winners for quality and client service.

Our best Cleaning Associates for the month were Sandra Vidales, Anita Solis, Salvadora Rosales, Maria Zapata and Juana Luna.

Our best Team Leaders for September were Socorro Ibarra and Perla Hernandez.

Thanks to all of our team members for their hard work, and a special thanks to our trend setting award winners!

Congrats ladies!

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

I love talking to clients, in case you’ve missed the gazillion times I’ve mentioned it in these missives from my little corner.

Once in a while though, a call is inconvenient and a text is the perfect conduit. The ladies in the field can text any questions directly to me and I can then text you directly so you can respond even if in a meeting, restaurant, or out shopping.

The clients who have started texting me seem to like the idea.

However, please know that texting does not replace phone conversations altogether because there are times when we have to discuss larger issues.

For those clients who don’t want to text, please continue to call me (see paragraph one above).

The text number is different than our main number, so if you don’t have it already let me know and I will gladly provide it!

Happy October!