November Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving

What a great opportunity to express how thankful we are to have you all as clients, partners and friends. We couldn’t ask for a better group of people to associate with and we remain flattered that you allow us into your homes on a daily basis.

So let us take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for being part of the Denver Concierge family and for supporting our local business. We will continue to strive for perfection and to ensure you are thrilled with what we do.

We hope you and your family enjoy a safe and wonderful holiday. We have included some of our best tips for surviving the holidays a little further down the page. Enjoy!



What the heck is Movember? Well, just as October was breast cancer awareness month, November is one for men’s health awareness, and is also known as “no-shave November”.

We think that ladies in general seem to do a better job of focusing on health then their male counterparts. The men we know typically wait until “something breaks” before visiting a doctor, whereas our female counterparts take a more preventative approach.

Taking a page from that book, please support the men in your life by putting up with excess facial hair this month! To learn more about this movement (and why the man in your life might not be shaving), visit the Movember Foundation here.

Here’s to wellness, early detection and keeping the men in our lives healthy!

Vehicle & Company Update

Hopefully you are noticing lots of new Denver Concierge vehicles out on the road and in front of your homes. We have now nearly replaced our entire fleet and are more fuel efficient, safer and we look better running about town!

We are also making our plans for 2016 and have lots of great ideas about how to make our company better. Look for more details in upcoming newsletters.

In the meantime if you have suggestions about how we can improve in any way, please submit them here. Thanks!

Denver Concierge Fleet of cars


Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

Orange.  It’s the color of fall and pumpkins, turning leaves…. and our Team Leaders’ uniform shirts! We chose a different color for our Team Leaders uniforms thanks to a client asking which woman was the Team Leader at her house that day.

It also helps me in the morning as I found that I can quickly find a Team Leader when I need to give out instructions during our hectic morning dispatches. I can now spot the orange among the sea of blue shirts, so keep those ideas coming!

I have also been asked if the orange is a tribute to the Broncos. I’m not sure because we left the color decision up to the Team Leaders themselves. But it could very well be as they are enthusiastic fans of our home team.  Go Broncos!

Holiday Survival Guide

It is that time again…a fall and winter with holidays. With that comes entertaining, lots of eating and drinking, and hopefully for Denver Concierge, some before and after cleaning!!

In that spirit, we wanted to provide some survival tips for the holidays. We found some pretty cool resources.

First, the folks at the Cleaning Institute have some great information on managing the holidays in a clean home. Click here for more details.

Also, we ran across some great cooking tips as well, which can be found here. Finally, to help beat holiday stress, the folks over at Sparkpeople provide some great information here.

All great stuff….Happy Holidays!

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is Wednesday, November 11, and last but certainly not least we would like to thank our veterans for their service to our great nation. The courage that it takes to be willing to sacrifice one’s life for the benefit of others, our freedom and way of life is the highest imaginable.

I am sure we all know someone who has served and many of you have personally served. From each and every one of our 70 employees, we wish to say thank you.

You have our utmost appreciation and respect.