May Newsletter

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is our unofficial gateway to summer. We have had a wonderfully mild winter, and our spring has been quite pleasant as well.

Along with the coming of summer, Memorial Day is also a time for cookouts and hanging out with family. It’s also the first real three-day weekend of the year!

With all of that wonderful stuff in mind, it is also a time to say THANK YOU.

To those of you that have lost someone serving our nation, we thank you. We here at Denver Concierge value the freedoms that we have across our great country and we realize that it could not be possible without the selfless giving that people in our military offer.

We hope that you and your families get some time together and that you all stop to appreciate the sacrifices that have been made so we can enjoy our holidays freely and without restrictions.

This respectful holiday has a long history, dating back to 1868, with Logan’s General Order Number 11 . To learn more about the history of this remembrance, you can click here .

Thanks again to all of you that have served and to the families of those that have been lost serving our wonderful nation.

Partners We Love

When we run across someone that matches our values in term of customer service and dedication, we like to feature them here.

Our good friend Nancy Begley is just that person. She is a private banker at Fortis Private Banking in Denver.

Nancy is wonderful at taking care of clients and has a full portfolio of mortgage offerings, including interest only, jumbo mortgages and custom construction lending.

She is offering super competitive rates and encourages you to give her a call if you are in need of financing.

For your Denver banking needs, we highly recommend Nancy. She can be reached at 720-284-9484 or at [email protected].

Pop Up Park in Denver 

One of the things we love about Denver is its creativity.

Called “The Square on 21st”, the city is developing an unused space near Coors Field for a “pop-up park” this Summer.

From June 15 through August 15, the space in the photo above will be transformed into a very cool spot to enjoy Denver.

The Square on 21st will be set up on 21st Street between Larimer and Lawrence streets, two blocks southeast of the baseball stadium.

It will feature food trucks, a performance stage, bike ramps and street art.

To learn more about this cool idea, click here.

Our Inclusive City

We hear a lot of chatter about the growth in Denver and we talk about it here quite often.

It’s easy to get excited about our growing city, but we were even more impressed to read about how we are doing it.

Brookings Institute studied the top growing metro areas across the country and came back with some interesting data.

It seems that Denver is one of only four metro areas that are engaged in what Brookings calls “inclusive growth”. This is measured in a number of different ways, but we are super proud to be in a city that values diversity in our growth plans.

The full article on can be found here. Way to go Denver!

Ever try a Low Carb Diet?

Yes, us too. We typically try to eliminate carbs when we go overboard and the scale comes up 5 pounds or so the wrong way!

We are constantly on the lookout for health tips and we recently ran across this article that tells us going “cold turkey” from carbs may not be the best answer.

The folks at Fitness Genes (featured here in March) published this article on how the body processes excess carbohydrates and whey they might not be the “bad guy” we thought they were.

Unfortunately we couldn’t find the section that allows unlimited doughnut consumption, so that was somewhat disappointing!!

Happy reading!

Monthly Award Winners

Please allow me to introduce our April 2017 award winners for quality and client service.

Our best Cleaning Associates for the month were Dalia Escorza, Laura Rojas, Aurora Dominguez,  Josefina Quinonez and Salvador Rosales.

Our best Team Leaders for April were Natalia Olivas and Rosa Chavez.

Thanks to all of our team members for their hard work in April and a special thanks to our monthly award winners!

Congrats ladies!

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

Denver has become a city of rapid change.

Not only noticeable by the new construction and cranes and demolition of old buildings (sadly), but we even notice it here in our little corner of the cleaning world.

We have never had so many clients moving from one house to another and yet not leaving Denver!!  And many are not even moving out of their neighborhood; they simply call to have their next scheduled clean done at their new house around the corner from their old house.

This of course generates many more move out and move in cleans as we call them, and our clients have been amazingly flexible and understanding in working with us to get these jobs done in a timely manner.  So thank you for inviting us along with you when you move!

Queen Bee