May 2019 Newsletter

Memorial Day Facts and Events

Each year on the final Monday of May, we celebrate those that have given all for our country. Did you know that Memorial Day used to be called Decoration Day?

It was meant to honor the Union and Confederate soldiers that died during the American Civil War. By the 1900’s it became a day to celebrate all Americans that have died in service around the world. It was renamed in 1967 and became a federal holiday in 1971.

This year it falls on Monday the 27th, and of course, Denver Concierge will be closed.

Meanwhile, a few facts that you probably didn’t know about Memorial Day:

1. Congress passed a law in 2000 that requires all Americans to stop what they are doing at 3 PM on Memorial Day to remember and honor those who have died in action.

2. The flag is supposed to be flown at half-mast until noon, then raised to full mast until sunset on Memorial Day.

3. There were more American lives lost during the Civil War than the two World Wars combined. Approximately 620,000 died during the Civil War while approximately 116,516 died in World War I and approximately 405,399 died in World War II.

4. There are more than 300,000 fallen soldiers buried at Arlington Cemetery. On average, there are 28 burials there each day.

We take this time to honor the fallen and show our gratitude for the freedoms we have in our great country.

This is also a wonderful time to spend with family and friends doing fun things. For you campers out there, 5280 Magazine had a few ideas here. Also, the Denver Arts Festival is taking place this weekend, its 21st year here. Details on that fun event can be found here.

We hope you have a relaxing three-day weekend and get to spend it with the ones you love.

Hot Rocks Griller Challenge

Those of you that follow us know we love to support local charities and good causes.

Every year the nice folks at Denver Health promote a cool event called the “Hot Rocks Griller Challenge”.

This event kicks off the summer concert series at Elway’s in Cherry Creek, and all the fun supports men’s health initiatives.

From the Denver Health website:

“The Hot Rocks Griller Challenge will kick off summer fun with a fired-up grilling competition. On a warm summer evening, supporters flood the courtyard patio outside Elway’s in Cherry Creek to enjoy live music, spectacular food and drinks, and games.

More than a dozen of Denver’s best chefs will compete in a sizzling sliders ’n’ sides cook-off with attendees eating the grilled creations and voting for the winner.

Better yet, all the fun will support men’s health programs.

This is summer’s most popular patio bash, attracting 1,000-plus guests, including government, business and community leaders, foodies, professional athletes, and local celebrities.”

We go every year and we hope to see you there. For more information on sponsorship, or ticketing you can learn all about it here.


Denver Area Zip Codes & Housing Growth

While there are rumors that the housing market might be slowing, the amount of construction we continue to see around our fine city have us thinking maybe not.

We ran across an interesting infographic about which zip codes have grown the fastest over the last 10 years, expressed as median home value.

Lots of cool information and it’s all interactive.

Growth information can be found here.

In case you are wondering about the possible correlation between home value and wealth by zip code, we also found some interesting data on that.

The three wealthiest zip codes in Denver?




If you live in one of these….well, we aren’t sure what that means, but congratulations?

The entire list is pretty interesting though.

The full list of zip code/income information is here.


Afraid of Self Driving Cars?

71% of you are, according to a study performed by AAA.

From the article, “Self-driving technology is evolving on a very public stage, and headlines about tragic failures tend to grab more attention than those about incremental successes,” said AAA Colorado spokesman Skyler McKinley.

“The good news is that once consumers interact with partially or fully self-driving vehicles, much of the mystery disappears – opening the door for greater acceptance.”

We decided to learn more, so we did some research.

We found a very informative piece by the Union of Concerned Scientists that explains exactly how this works, as well as what it might mean for our future.

The pros and cons of self-driving vehicles are many. We were surprised to learn that 81% of all car accidents are caused by human error. A computer would surely have a lower rate than that.

The auto insurance center also did a list of the 20 pros and cons of self-driving cars and we wanted to share that with you here as well.

We certainly live in interesting times!

40,000 New Jobs Coming

Yep, that’s a lot of jobs!

The Lone Tree area is planning a massive project that will bring those jobs and a lot more to the surrounding areas.

The new community will be called RidgeGate and consists of around 3,500 acres south of Lincoln avenue around the I-25 area.

Coventry Development Corp., the master developer of the 3,500-acre multi-use community, revealed their plans for a 400-acre expansion on the east side of Interstate 25 that’s slated to include 12 million square feet of office, retail and health care space, 10,000 homes and more than 600 acres of parks, trails and natural habitat. The east side of I-25 is comprised of 2,200 acres of land, 400 of which will be used for the expansion.

The expansion, which is named “Lone Tree City Center,” will be marketed as Lone Tree’s new downtown, officials said, centered around a light rail station and a mixed-use, transit-oriented development. It’s going to feature two additional commercial districts, dubbed “Lincoln Avenue Commercial District” and the mixed-use “Couplet District” along RidgeGate Parkway, and three diverse residential villages.

Full coverage of this expansion can be found here.

Monthly Award Winners

Please join me in congratulating our best performers for April 2019.

Our top Cleaning Associates for the month were Maria Zapata, Aurora Dominguez, Josefina Quinonez, Josefina Puga and Juana Luna

Our top Team Leaders were Mayra Soto and Rosa Chavez.

Thanks to all our team members for their hard work, and a special thanks to our award winners!

Congrats ladies!

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

Yet another reason to praise Denver.

I was recently invited to a Nuggets playoff game, which was especially exciting for me because I had never been to a live professional sports event.

I was a bit overwhelmed at first by the sheer volume of people, and of course there are stories of rowdiness at sporting events.

Yet even with long lines at the food and drink stands and difficulty maneuvering the walkways, I saw no one being rude or impatient. The atmosphere was friendly and casual.

During the game the capacity crowd en masse offered ear piercing enthusiasm and encouragement, some offering a little more encouragement than others but overall a great show of our city’s spirit.  I loved being a part of it.

Well done, Denver!