June Newsletter 2019

Summertime is Here 

The summer solstice is this Friday, June 21st. We are finally ready to switch over from spring to summer.

Wait, we had a Spring? The last few months in our fine city sure didn’t feel like it!

But, on to bigger and better things. We love to share fun stuff to do around Colorado here, and this newsletter is no exception.

First to business though. We will be closed for the 4th of July, which falls on a Thursday this year. We will be back in the saddle on Friday the 5th, doing our thing in your homes.

So, what to do in Colorado this summer? We are sure many of you have vacations planned but for those of you that are still thinking about ideas, we have a few!

How about some food? The nice people at 5280 Magazine published a list of road trip worthy food festivals that range from Jackson Hole to Telluride. They also include a couple here including The Big Eat and Slow Food Nations.

How about Colorado wine country? AAA is currently sponsoring train trips out to experience Colorado wines with a lovely ride through the Rocky Mountains. For you beer lovers, they also have trips that include brewery tours. More info can be found here.

For those of you taking road trips, it looks like gas prices should hold just below $3 for the summer. 

Finally, for those of you that want to stay closer to home, we found a fun list of things that we can all do, depending on just how much time and freedom you have. For a list of ways to make the most of your summer in Denver, check this out!

We hope you all have a spectacular summer!!!!

Denver Area High Schools Ranked 2019

We know many of you have young adults in waiting attending high school.

Have you ever wondered how good the school your child attends actually is?

The 2019 rankings are out, and there were a few changes from last year.

We found a fascinating list of not only the top 25 Denver area high schools, but a comprehensive ranking of all high schools nationwide.

Locally, D’Evelyn High School came out number one, and is ranked 131st nationwide. The top five schools are followed by Denver School of the Arts, Kipp Denver Collegiate High School, Strive Prep, and STEM Middle and High School.

US News and World Report has put together a very comprehensive tool that will show you exactly where each high school rates for 2019.

That tool can be found here, we hope you find it as interesting as we did.

Green Clean Renewal 

I bet you didn’t know that we are 100% Green Clean Certified, through the Green Clean Institute, an independent company that certifies housecleaning.

That was our attempt at humor. Of course you do, because we try to remind you all the time.

In case it slipped your mind, DenverConcierge was the FIRST certified green clean company in Colorado (2008), and we were just awarded our renewal again for 2019.

Our staff both inside the office and in the field are well versed in all aspects of green cleaning and we only use 100% certified products.

Certification is a process that requires us to stay up on all the latest products and techniques to ensure your home is 100% safe for people and pets.

We have great respect for our environment, and we appreciate all of you for feeling the same way by choosing our humble company.

Thank you for sharing our vision of a clean and non-toxic planet.

Competition at Work 

How does competition at work affect you?

A recent study at Stanford illustrates that this is a very nuanced concept that can go horribly wrong if not managed properly.

Too often we encounter ruthless people that behave in ways that are counterproductive not only to the goals of our company, but to the detriment of careers, and theirs.

In fact, cutthroat competitors who resort to sabotaging perceived rivals instead may end up undermining their own chance of achieving important goals.

From the article, “Within companies, competition “is something that needs to be carefully structured and managed. It does increase engagement, which is good. But it can also have destructive effects, especially if workers transform attainment of individual goals into a quest to prove that they’re better than the man or woman at the next desk, she says. Additionally, our fixation upon winning can spawn faulty beliefs that lead to inaccurate predictions of outcomes.”

The full article can be found here, and it provides suggestions for companies to structure things in ways to mitigate the risks for all involved.

Fascinating stuff for sure.

Fun Summer Projects

We covered the travel part for you intrepid souls, figured we might want to cover those of you that want to stay home and do fun things around your house.

We consulted a few different sources, including Mr. Handyman who came up with a few gems, including a DIY chalkboardraised garden bed and a floating deck.

The folks at This Old House came up with a very useful list of 28 fun summer projects that can be done over the weekend (well, it might take us longer, we aren’t really good at anything besides cleaning).

Lastly, for those of you with children, we know they are out of school and sometimes bored out of their minds.

We ran across some great ideas to keep them occupied and out of trouble and that can be found here.

Good luck on whatever you decide to tackle!

Monthly Award Winners

Please join me in congratulating our best performers for May 2019.

Our top Cleaning Associates for the month were Maria Zapata, Josefina Quinonez, Aurora Dominguez, Josefina Puga and Rosario de La Rosa.

In the Team Leader ranks, our top Team Leaders were Martha Anchondo and Mayra Soto.

Thanks to all our team members for their hard work, and a special thanks to our award winners!

Congrats ladies!

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

Because I have been in this business for so long, my interests have branched out from cleaning to anything to do with houses; architecture, interior design, history, etc.

I often find interesting articles, so I thought I would share a little history with you this month.

As early as the 19th century, American houses began to change from being overtly grand as in England, to smaller and easier to manage. Because the architects were concerned only with the building itself, several innovative women of the day took the initiative and began working with the architects to make the interiors more efficient for the woman of the house.

They quickly decided that built-in furniture was the way to go. Easier to clean than free standing trunks, armoires, cupboards, and cabinets.  For the first time, closets came into being.  A coat closet near the entrance, a broom closet off the kitchen, medicine cabinet in the bathroom, linen closet in the hallway.

These women arranged the kitchen appliances to be in easier reach, and added bar counters and islands, again to replace free standing cupboards.  Truly far reaching ideas still in use today, albeit on a much grander scale.

I say hurrah and thank you, ladies, for making our lives easier.