July Newsletter

Make them Green with Envy 

Each year, we invest time and money into making sure that our products and our processes are 100% environmentally friendly. This requires a constant review of everything we do to make sure that we not only clean your home the way you want it, but also that we don’t harm the planet as we do it.

We also don’t want to use anything in your homes that might be harmful to your family or your pets.

We get a lot of requests to use things like bleach (because that stuff really works) that we just cannot accept. Our commitment to the environment extends beyond the traditional sense and things like bleach can harm our employees as well.

Recently, our Green Clean certification was renewed for 2017 with the Green Clean Institute . We are very proud of this achievement as it requires a great deal of diligence to maintain. If you are curious about our certification, you can see all the details here .

We are still one of a handful of companies to invest in official certification, and we were the first in Colorado. While most companies claim to be green, we think certification is important and that it provides you peace of mind when we are in your home.

So please trust that we are using only the best products in your home for both cleaning and safety. Should you have the desire to use products of your own (we use Bona on hardwood floors when requested, for example), please check with Angela first to make sure we are in compliance. As always, thanks for your continued loyalty and your trust.

Partners We Love

That lovely lady in the photo is our friend Marina Dagenais, with Designer Premier. You may ask, what is Designer Premier?

We are glad you did.

We love Designer Premier as they take the stress out of finding the right design talent for you and your projects. They offer a complementary personalized matching service.

Selecting from a pool of accomplished interior designers, builders, and architects, Marina will recommend several options based on your specific needs, personality and style requirements.

Marina has also offered a couple of interesting design topics, including the top colors for summer and lighting design trends.

If you are considering any type of interior design changes, Marina can match you with the designer that best fits your needs.

To reach Marina, you can email her here, or call her at 303-916-9515. Mention Denver Concierge for a special offer, and happy designing!

Solar Eclipse Coming

OK we admit that we can be a bit geeky sometimes. We like the latest technology and to keep up with things that might interest our fellow geeks.

In fact, our VCR always had the correct time displayed, for those of you that know what a VCR is.  It was impressive in the 80’s at least!

Our geekiness aside, on August 21st, themother of all solar eclipses is coming.

Our view from Colorado won’t be the best, but if you are an intrepid soul, you could journey a bit north and get an amazing view.

Of course, we want you to do this safely and with all the information you need, so we leaned on the folks at B & H Photo to give us the low down on how this will all work.

Everything you need to know about this amazing event can be found here.

Top of the Town 2017

One of our favorite issues of 5280 Magazine is the annual “Top of the Town” rankings of all things Denver.
The 2017 list is out, and we didn’t make it again!!!
It might be because there is not a housekeeping company in the rankings.
Hmm, maybe a petition is in order!!
Anyway, we digress. The list of the best things in Denver, as voted by its denizens, can be found here.

Denver Crime Report

There are very few worse feelings than being the victim of theft. The official word for it is larceny.
Recently, the Denver Post published a list of all the larceny that has occurred in Denver over the past year.
As you might imagine in a large city such as ours, there is quite a bit of this sort of thing going on. The good news is that year over year, larceny in Denver is down.
The bad news is that it is still taking place, and we want you to know where, or give you as much information as we can.
The full report published by the Post includes locations, time of day and everything you want to know about theft in Denver. It can be found here.

Monthly Award Winners

Please allow me to introduce our June 2017 award winners for quality and client service.
Our best Cleaning Associates for the month were Dalia Escorza, Maria Zapata, Sandra Vidales, Brenda Garcia and Gloria Gonzalez.
Our best Team Leaders for June were Natalia Olivas and Socorro Ibarra.
Thanks to all of our team members for their hard work, and a special thanks to our trend setting award winners!
Congrats ladies!

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela
I was hoping to have good news on the handyman front; i.e. a reliable guy to do good work in a timely and reasonably priced manner. I may have found someone but I will be the guinea pig. If all goes well I will pass the info on. I know a lot of clients have asked me for referrals for various around the house chores. Stay tuned!
At the risk of being repetitive, please always feel free to bring any concerns to my attention. I sometimes have calls that come in several weeks after an issue, through reluctance on the part of the client to mention it, but then obviously it is still bothersome. I am here for you!
Happy Bastille Day!