July Newsletter Update

Happy Birthday America!

We hope you all had a safe and fun Independence Day!! We heard lots of stories of you all going camping, biking, hiking and cooking out with family and friends!

The fireworks across the Front Range were fabulous and other than the mountain traffic, it was an amazing weekend all the way around.

We also want to thank all of those that have served our country and helped to maintain our freedom and way of life. So for all of you that are either in the armed forces or have family or friends serving, our biggest thanks and appreciation for all you do and have done.

Partners We Love

We are fortunate to have so many friends around Denver in a variety of fields. One of the more unique companies in town is Auctoris. They specialize in wealth preservation and planning and have been at it for nearly 40 years!! They are experts in finding ways to preserve capital via alternative, customized strategies that utilize any and all avenues to protect your family and your wealth down the line. Most importantly, like all of our partners, they care deeply about people and about doing things the right way. If you are planning for the future and need some guidance on how to best protect your assets and ensure they are maximized for future generations, give our friend Frances Mickelson a call at (303) 740-8001 or email her here. To learn more about Auctoris and their innovative approach to wealth preservation, visit them here.

How’s Your Memory?

If you are like us, sometimes really good, and sometimes…not so much! Nothing like walking into a room and suddenly realizing you have no idea why you walked in there! Of course that never happens to us, but we have heard stories. We also tend to forget names sometimes, so running acrossthis article on mnemonics helped us tremendously.

If you could use some tips on remembering names and other things, visit the folks at mental floss here.

Giving Back

For you regular readers of our newsletter, you know we love giving back. We support numerous charities in Denver and love to support partners that share our vision.

We also realized that we are usually in a pretty good mood over here atDenver Concierge. We think the two are related.

You folks are great at giving as well, and we hear stories all the time about charitable things that you do (that is why we love our clients so much).

The folks at LifeHack confirmed our suspicions. Generous people are more successful and happier all the way around To get their take on things, visit them here.

Our Outstanding Leaders

Some of you know our General Manager, Maria Herrera, who has been with the company 15 years this month!!She took a short sabbatical to part time for the birth of her child, but she has returned to full time and is celebrating a long career here.We will honor her this month at our employee meeting, but wanted to give her a shout out, as she is the person that makes sure your home is clean and that our ladies perform their duties to the excellent standard that you expect.Also, our very own Queen Bee, Angela Danessi had a birthday this month (those of you that follow us onFacebook may have noticed!)

Both of these ladies are instrumental to our success…congrats to both of you and thanks for your dedication.

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

We are getting a lot of compliments on our ladies in the field, which makes us very proud (and prone to brag).  At the end of each month when we have our employee recognition meeting and birthday cake we announce each compliment and give a big round of applause to the recipients.

ALL of your comments are taken seriously and hopefully you feel like we listen.  I do attempt to answer the phones promptly so you get a real person when you call (me!). Still, with over 450 regular clients it sometimes just isn’t possible. But, please, leave me a message so I don’t miss anything!  Or just leave your name. I know all of you and I will call you back right away!

Fleet Update

Be on the lookout for DenverConcierge‘s latest additions to our fleet this month.

Vehicles 7, 8 and 9 will be hitting the road next week and more are coming.

We hope you love the new look and the improved presence in front of your homes!

Our teams are thrilled to be driving to your house in style!