Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Another year has passed and this is our 3rd year sending out our sometimes informative newsletter! We want to say thanks for reading and want to wish you the best for a fabulous 2016. Lots of stuff going on at Denver Concierge, including our new vehicles, roll out of health care for our employees and other changes to try and become more efficient. In short we are doing everything we can to keep our costs down without raising prices. One of our big cost issues is lockouts and access, if you want to learn more see below. We sure appreciate your business and hope that 2016 is your best year ever!

Top Secret Referral Program

January is always a good time to mention referrals. One of the things that we have learned in our 16 years in business is that we clean very differently from most companies.

We sometimes have a hard time communicating how deeply we clean (and why we cost more) to prospective clients. It usually hits them once they see our fabulous team at work in their homes, but sometimes we never get that far as it’s hard to explain what we do without seeing it first hand.

Of course we know that you realize and appreciate how we clean, and that is why your referrals are the best way for us to grow.

We have a very lucrative referral program going on right now….too good to put in the newsletter.

Please speak with Angela if you have someone that you think would appreciate what we do, and she will give you the lowdown. Thanks for all you do and for those wonderful clients many of you sent us in 2015!


One of our toughest dilemmas is what to do when we get locked out. Many of our competitors charge a fee for this, we do not. Not yet anyway.

Most of you offer us access to your home without restriction, and we appreciate that. We carry lots of insurance and documentation so you should always feel comfortable with us in your home, even if you can’t be there.

The worst thing is when we arrive at your home and cannot get in for some reason. We pay our teams from the moment they leave our office and it’s quite expensive to have them driving places with no home to clean.

Worse, the next client often isn’t ready for us, so it creates a bunch of problems.

We would be incredibly grateful if you would alert early us when you need to cancel your clean or if there will be some problem with access.

We understand emergencies and will always accommodate you when we can. We appreciate your help in improving our efficiency and keeping our costs down!

Snow Days

Ahh, winter…..we love you. Actually not so much. It’s great for skiing and snowboarding, but it really cramps our style (and yours) when we get a big storm.

We know how frustrating this is, as it is incredibly hard to reschedule. Think about it like an airline. We have days full of flights and when snow wipes some out, unless we have cancellations going forward there isn’t any place to put folks.

It frustrates us as much as you….so what can you do to help? Please be patient with us when it snows. If you want real time updates on whether or not we are working, you can follow us on Twitter at @bestmaidsdenver. We typically send out a tweet when we are going to be closed. We have been known to work Saturdays in special circumstances so that is sometimes a possibility as well. A good rule is that if schools are closed we are as well.

The safety of our employees is the most important thing, and even though the main streets may be plowed, side streets in Denver don’t get plowed until we get a foot of snow! Thanks, and here is to a snow free (in Denver) winter!

88 Truths about Life

Our first newsletter of 2016 wouldn’t be complete without some tidbits of self-improvement that we found interesting. The new year usually brings about reflection and planning about how we have done things, and how we might do things better. We ran across a great piece from raptitude.com on “truths” in life. We felt better after reading them and we hope you do as well!  To learn more take a look here.


Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

For the past two weeks I’ve joined the ranks (albeit temporarily; nothing serious, pulled muscle) of those who work from home, as do many of our clients. It has certainly given me a good understanding of the pluses (no drive time) and the minuses (my dogs barking).  I didn’t have a visit from Denver Concierge, but I imagine that three ladies cleaning can be fairly disruptive.  I will remind the teams in the next employee meeting to please keep the working client in mind as you move about the house. Be very very quiet every chance you get.

So..I will be back in the office on Monday due in large part to the expert advice given me by a client.  Thank you Caylene!  It worked!

Queen Bee