Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

We want to wish all of our clients, friends and partners the happiest of holiday seasons in 2015. We have had a wonderful year and want to thank all of you that helped make us successful.

We hope you have a safe, warm and connected holiday, with lots of family, friends and good cheer. We look forward to serving you again in 2016, and to another wonderful year.

Thanks again for being part of the Denver Concierge “family” and for supporting our local business.

Partners We Love

Recently we had a shower door “explode” on us. Evidently, over time tempered glass combined with pressure can come apart in a surprising fashion. Thankfully, no one was injured, but it gave us a chance to call our friends at Buonsante Glass to come out and take a look.

Not only was the shower door repaired perfectly, but they were fast, efficient and reasonably priced.

We know Andy Buonsante the owner, very well and wanted to give him a shout out in case any of you need any glass work done in your homes. You can learn more about Andy and his great locally owned business here.

You can also call Andy at 303-886-2876 or email him here. Tell him you heard about him in our newsletter and receive a special offer!

Buying more Stuff

In our over commercialized holiday season, we sometimes feel overwhelmed. Between all the ads on TV, gifts to buy, etc., we find ourselves trying to sort out what really matters.

We ran across a great piece on why we might want to buy less “stuff” and work more on creating memories that will last. We thought it made a lot of sense so we are posting it here.

It seems that the payoff for buying more stuff is pretty short, and the article helps explain why that is.

The Skinny on New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, we have fallen into the failed resolution trap well. We fully understand that gym memberships are the highest in January, as all of us want to get the new year off to a great start, and try to stick with our plans.

Making significant changes in our lives is hard, especially when it comes to breaking bad habits.

We found some great stuff on this whole idea and we thought we would share it. For a list of the most common resolutions and success rates, click here.

For the reasons behind why we usually fail at our resolutions (and some tips on how not to), check out this article.

We wish you all the best in making positive changes in 2016!

Successful Habits

Since we are kind of on the new year’s resolution and self-improvement theme, we found a couple of articles that sort of got us going.

First, what are 12 things that enormously successful people refuse to do? Well you can find out here.

We also ran across this piece on 30 challenges for 30 days. Some of these really made us stop and think. We hope it does the same for you.

The article, courtesy of Marc and Angel can be found here.


Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

What a hectic time!  With all the schedule changes, and special holiday requests, I have spoken to more clients in the past month than I have all year.  As always it is my pleasure and though work related (but not always), it’s fun to touch base.  I have known many of you since the very beginning of the company!

I would like to wish you and yours a continuing safe and enjoyable season and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Cheers!

Vehicle Project Complete

Hopefully you have seen our new rides out on the road and in front of your homes. Our fleet has been completely replaced (we kept a couple of our old blue vans for nostalgia’s sake) and we couldn’t be happier.

We hope you like the new look…our ladies are much safer and much happier traveling to your homes!