Denver Concierge Coronavirus Response

2021 Update and Status:

We continue to work in client homes, safely and professionally. All protocols are still in place and we are doing what we do best, which is making sure your home is spotless.

We appreciate the patience and resolve of our clients and our associates in keeping things rolling during these challenging times.

Stay safe everyone. If you have questions on our protocols, you can see them below as we have evolved fluidly with this situation.


John, Angela, and Maria

May Update and Status:

Thankfully, we have officially reopened our doors and are now cleaning our clients, effective Monday, May 11. We have taken every precaution we can think of to ensure the safety of our workforce and clients.

Our most recent update on all safety protocols can be found in our monthly newsletter, and that can be linked to here:

April Newsletter 2020

If you wish to discuss our approach, or have any questions, please reach out to us. We appreciate you all and are thankful to be in your homes again making them germ-free!

Denver Concierge Team

April Update:

As of April 3, Denver Concierge is temporarily closed. We hope to resume operations as soon as state and federal governments tell us it is safe to do so.

We thank all of our associates and clients for their patience in these very strange times.

Be safe, be kind to one another and we will be back in your homes very soon!

Warm Regards,

John, Angela and the Denver Concierge Team

Denver Concierge Clients-

As seems to be the norm these days, we want to communicate our position on COVID-19, or the coronavirus.

We have received communication from some of you with questions regarding how we are managing this and exactly what you should expect as we travel with you through this uncharted territory.

There are two elements to our approach. What we are doing, and what you can do to help.

Let’s start with what Denver Concierge is doing:

  1. Regarding the wellness of our workforce, we are taking no chances. Any associate that appears sick or has sick people in their homes are being told to stay home until they are well. We want to do our best to ensure those individuals don’t risk infecting you, or other members of our workforce. To date, we have not had any of our staff or clients with symptoms of the virus. We have, however, communicated very clearly the signs to watch out for and we are being hyper-vigilant regarding anyone that is not feeling well.
  2. We are meeting with all associates each morning to observe them and check-in. We are monitoring them closely for any signs of illness. Anyone not at 100% will be sent home immediately and will not be allowed to return without a physician’s release.
  3. We have also reiterated the importance of handwashing and general hygiene to our associates. It is mandatory that the members of your cleaning team wash and disinfect their hands prior to entering your home and as soon as they leave your home. Non-slip shoes are thoroughly washed between houses to ensure nothing is transferred from home to home.
  4. We wear gloves during your entire cleaning, for your protection and the protection of our associates.

In short, we are on top of this to the best of our ability. Our ladies generally don’t travel, and the main exposure is to each other, so we are hopeful that our vigilance will ensure we do our part to stop the spread of this virus.

Now, what can you do as a client? Firstly, we hope you don’t panic. We certainly understand some of you are more susceptible to this than others, which is true of all of us. We want to be as flexible as we can in making sure you are comfortable having us in your homes. So here is how you can help us:

  1. If you are uncomfortable having our ladies come clean, please let us know. We will do our absolute best to hold your spot on the schedule for the future. We don’t want to lose any of you over this.
  2. If anyone in your home is sick or has shown symptoms of this virus, please let us know and we will suspend cleaning until you are well.
  3. While we pride ourselves in using our own equipment, some of you are concerned about vacuums. Even though we change filters between houses, if this is a concern, we are happy to utilize your equipment during our clean. Just let Angela know and we will begin doing so immediately.
  4. Due to our rigorous approach to this, there may be different people in your home than your regular team. While we are not experiencing this currently, if we do have anyone that needs to be sent home, this could impact you. We ask for patience and understanding. Our ladies are trained to clean the same way every time, so you should see no drop off in quality.

At present, we have no intention of suspending operations. It is our belief that in times like this a level -headed, non-reactive approach is needed. Our cleaning is very deep, and we honestly believe that we can help you prevent the spread of germs in your homes through how we clean. We want to be an asset to you in this time, not a concern.

Having Denver Concierge in your home should help keep things germ free and as clean as possible. Of course, this situation is very fluid. Should we have employees that contract the virus, or have clients that do, we will take whatever steps are required to ensure the safety of both you and our associates.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We want to remain a valuable and important part of your lives, and if there is anything we have not addressed we welcome your feedback.

Thank you for your trust, we plan on doing everything we can to keep it.

Warmest Regards,

John Kitts, Owner

Angela Danessi, Client Relations