August Newsletter Update

Green Clean Institute

We are proud to report that we have been re-certified by the Green Clean Institute for 2015-16. There are only a handful of Colorado cleaning firms that are on this prestigious list and we were the first, going back to June of 2008. We are happy that we made the move for the right reasons and were ahead of the curve before ‘green’ became truly fashionable to use in marketing and branding. We take pride in the fact that we keep the inside of your home clean, while doing our best to keep the outdoors clean as well! We also know our clients appreciate our commitment to keeping their home environments free of anything harmful. To learn more about GCI and what they do, or to see our name in lights, click here.

2015 Top of the Town

5280 Magazine recently released their “Top of the Town” annual review of all things Denver. We love to go out and enjoy our wonderful city, and if you missed it, the complete list can be found here.

Fleet Update

Vehicles 7, 8 and 9 are on the read and rolling towards your homes. Here is a great look at our vehicles tucked in for the evening after a long day of making homes happy! Look for the next wave of sweet rides next month! Special thanks to the folks at Ehrlich I25 Kia for wonderful service and delivery.

Back to School Help

Man, we can’t believe where summer went! While we know we have some time left, our kids aren’t so lucky. Many schools are back in session in August, including Denver Public Schools who resume on the 25th. Boulder Valley School District starts back up on the 21st, just to name a couple. We looked high and low for a way to provide a consolidated list of all the schools across the Front Range but came up empty. What we did run across however, was a great resource on how to smooth out the process. The folks at  put together some great tips that can be found here.

The Eternal Quest for Happiness and Self Improvement

Ok, so that title was a bit over the top. But….we are actually seekers of not only happiness, but ways to make our lives better. Whether it’s work, relationships, health, or just plain habits, we at Denver Concierge seek improvement on a regular basis. So, we fell in love with a website were so many things that we wanted to share that it was hard to include them all, so now you have the link. If you want to see one of our favorites try this one on reliable steps to making change in our lives at any age. For the record, we don’t know Marc or Angel, but we liked their take on things and wanted to share it here!

Queen Bee Corner

by Angela
Lately I’ve had a few questions on how best to communicate with our cleaning teams. In a nutshell, the best way is through me directly. There is a computerized work order for each client that can be easily updated and I personally see each employee every morning before dispatch (and we connect during the day as well).   Also, please feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have about special items you may have in your home. This helps us avoid accidents or damages as some things are not intuitive to everyone, and each house is different (certain types of faucets come to mind). Thanks and until next month then!