April Newsletter Update

Happy Spring 2015

We are so happy that spring is finally here. Another weird winter, with record snow in Denver for the month of February. In case you didn’t know, we broke a record that stood for 100 years!!! Boy are we glad that’s over. Now, as we enter spring with birds chirping and baseball starting, our moods have certainly improved! We love spring cleaning and realize that we can’t be in your home every day, so we included a very awesome list of green cleaning tips that you can use while we are away. The article includes 10 products you can make yourself right at home (some of these we actually use in homes as well, like vinegar). To learn more, visit the folks at Green America here. Wishing you a fabulous Spring!

 Jacque Stevens

Partners We Love

We aren’t sure about you, but we get so busy taking care of business that we sometimes don’t do a great job of taking care of ourselves. One of the folks in town that can help is Jacque Stevens over at Body Renewed. Her company specializes in non-traditional fitness approaches, including new technology such as a recumbent bicycle that uses infrared light to eliminate cellulite and detox the body. Beyond the cool technology, we love that they approach fitness from a holistic standpoint and are very creative and different in their approach. In short, this is no regular gym. So if your New Year’s fitness resolution has fallen by the wayside, give Jacque a call at 720.428.2347, or check out their site here  and they can help you get back on track! Mention that you saw her in our newsletter and you will receive a special offer.

Spring Cleaning in Denver, CO

Spring Allergies

Here at Denver Concierge we take the bad with the good. As you may have heard…we love Spring! What we don’t love as much are the allergies that come with it. After all that moisture over the winter (see snow record above) we are expecting a pretty robust allergy season here in Colorado. We found some good information on surviving the allergy season on WebMD here.

Spring allergies in Denver


Queen Bee Corner

by Angela

I can honestly say our clients are the best in the industry. I know some of this is due to the fact that we have been in business so long and have known many of you for years. Still, when I get calls about different topics or things “just because I thought you’d like to know”, that’s pretty amazing. No action necessary; just touching base. I mean, who gets calls like that from clients? And while I’m at it, thank you for the interesting articles, photos, trip descriptions, pet updates, family updates. I even received a lovely hyacinth plant to celebrate the arrival of Spring. Thank you for it all! You’re the best.

Vehicle Update

For those of you that don’t see our Facebook page or our occasional Tweet, we are proud to announce that we now have FIVE new vehicles on the road! Our fleet upgrade project is working well and our ladies are happy to be driving these shiny new vehicles around town. Our latest happy team is shown above. We hope you like these as much as we do, stay tuned for more updates!

Denver Concierge Fleet for cleaning

Denver Concierge Cleaning Fleet

Tax Season

We are guessing that this is a topic that you are as thrilled about as we are…tax season. Another unfortunate reality of life. Now that our complaining is done, we wanted to dive in and see if we can help even a little bit. We realize the deadline is right around the corner, but if you have procrastinated a little like we have been known to do, Forbes has published a comprehensive Tax guide for 2015. Obamacare requirements have kicked in, and there are other nuances going on this year that are new. Check out the nice resource here if you have questions or need information.